Condor, a perfectly made and fine-tuned two-person paramotor trike, is a complement to our offer. Uses a more powerful version of the four-stroke V-engine, which has been professionally tuned to 50hp!

Thought out and very strong design made of duraluminium and stainless steel, which is very light. With comfortable seating for the pilot and passenger, carbon cockpit for instrument and in conjunction with a strong, economical of very low vibration and low noise V-engine makes flying for two people on this trike is a pure pleasure!

This paramotor trike is ideal for reflex paraglider, for pilots and their passengers who appreciate comfort, reliability and luxury!

Engine:V2 four-stroke
(tuning sport motor)
Power (HP):50
Capacity:1000 cm3
Trike weight:112 kg
Propeller:Carbon 3 blade 160cm
Fuel tank:Composite 32L
Cage:Aluminium parts divided 2-4
Fuel consumption:Approximately 4,5-6,5 L/h
Thrust:128 kg