Moster paramotor is our latest project, based on a lightweight and powerful engine Moster 185 and carbon propeller (diameter of 125cm) made by Helix. Construction is based on thre-parts cage mounted on a rigid and durable base.

Light harness and moving medium-low suspension provides comfortable start and flight and there is no effect of the rotation around the transverse-axis, when pilot operate throttle. Low-medium suspension provides very good access to the brakes and paraglider risers, thus minimizing hands and shoulders muscle fatigue for long-term flights.

The used engine is different from the version available on the market: it have tuned proportions of gear ratios that change the operating point of the engine-propeller and allow better engine unit cooling.

The paramotor is made ​​of high quality alloys, precisely machined and assembled, so its quality should satisfy any pilot.

Engine:Moster 185 custom
Power (HP):25
Propeller:Carbon Helix 125cm
Fuel tank:12L
Cage:Aluminium parts divided 3
Fuel consumption:3.5-5,0 L/h
Thrust:74-78 kg
Pilot weight:up to 140kg