Solo-V – motor based on reliable and well-known German production engine Solo 210. Revolutionary suspension system of the engine in a ā€œVā€ configuration provides extremly even and with no vibrations motor operation unparalleled in the standart layout.The new DCI ignition in conjuction with the suspension system of the engine makes it smoke-free.The lack of flooding of the sparking-plug and better lubrication of bearing are other advantages of ā€œVā€ configuration. The motor is made of high-grade aluminium. Enterity is powder-painted.
The Ruslan propeller adopted in motor allows it to get the 54 kg train. The active hardpoint webbing system and carbon susspensor with air filter are connected to form a unique entiryty.
The motors meld a reasonable price and the leatest design solutions that are new at our market.

Engine:Solo 210
Power (HP):14
Carburettor:Walbro WB 32
Propeller:Carbon 110-122
Fuel tank:10L
Cage:Aluminium parts divided 3
Fuel consumption:2.5-3,0 L/h
Thrust:42-54 kg
Pilot weight:up to 95kg