Trike X-MAX is made very carefully and precisely. It is based on four-stroke engine from B&S company, tunning by Germany company to 33PS! This trike has DULV certificate.

Light and very strong construction made of dural and stainless steel with comfortable seats, carbon cockpit for
instruments in combination with a strong, economically with very low vibration and low level noise engine which makes flying on trike belongs to pure, without stress pleasure!

Trike is perfect to Synthesis cabrio 42 and synthesis 36 paraglide for pilots who value comfort, reliability and luxury!

Engine:V2 four-stroke
(tuning sport motor)
Power (HP):33
Propeller:Carbon 3 blade 140-160cm
Fuel tank:Aluminium 20L
Cage:Aluminium parts divided 2-4
Fuel consumption:Approximately 3,5-4,5 L/h
Thrust:95-110 kg
Climb rate:2.1m/s on Sting Powerplay 250 paraglider.